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Gun Dog Gin HerefordshireGun Dog Gin. Herefordshire

At Gun Dog Gin

we produce a range of gin-based liqueurs using traditional methods.

We source naturally grown fruit, some of which we pick ourselves, from within the Herefordshire / Gloucestershire area. This is then steeped in a British gin, which is distilled especially for us by a family who have been producing exceptional gin for decades, for up to 12 months.

The combination of delicious fruit, a quality gin and leaving our products to steep for as long us possible allows us to produce a range of drinks bursting with flavour.

We are a family business based in Putley, Herefordshire.

Sue Frost has been making her Damson Gin for years and not many winters have passed without the cellar being full of demi-johns of Damson Gin to be enjoyed the following year.

Charles Frost has always enjoyed the ready supply of Damson Gin and decided, given its popularity, to scale up the operation and introduce new flavours.

We are very proud of our roots and do not consider it to be a coincidence that Herefordshire has become well known as a hot spot for food and drink. In our view, the beauty of the county translates to the products produced within it.

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Gun Dog Gin Hand Made

Freshly Picked Damsons

A large amount of care and attention has gone into every bottle of Gun Dog Gin by the time it reaches the shelf!

We use a Damson Gin recipe that has been in the family for generations and has been adapted for our other flavours. In the early days we used demi-johns to produce small batches. The principle has remained the same although we now produce slightly larger batches.

Every batch of Gun Dog Gin contains nothing but natural fruit, British gin and a small amount of sugar. We never use concentrate or any flavourings.

A great deal of thought went in to the selection of the gin we use. Using a cheaper gin produces a harsh flavour and no one wants that!

The availability of our flavours can vary with the seasons. We hope you will appreciate that this is part of the authenticity of our product as it is a process that cannot be rushed.

Our liqueurs containt natural sediment. Shake before you pour!